Activity 7: Gratitude Tree
Make a gratitude tree that you can display in your room or somewhere else in your house.

You will need-
  • A small tree branch.
  • Paper.
  • Pencils/textas.
  • Small pegs/paper
  • clips/string.
  • Somewhere to put the tree - a vase or other container.
What to do-
  1. Once you have found your branch cut the paper into the shape of leaves or just into squares or other shapes (it doesn't really matter).
  2. Think of things you are thankful for and write or draw them on the leaves.
  3. Then attach the leaves to the branches of the tree using the paper clips/pegs.
  4. You can keep adding leaves to the tree everyday or whenever you think of something you are grateful for.
  5. You can get the whole family to join in and create a family tree or just do one for yourself.
  6. By having the tree on display, every time you see it, you will be reminded of how lucky you are.